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44-Year-Old Jamie Tiller, Co-Founder of Music From Memory, Passes Away

Title: Co-Founder and Visionary of Music From Memory, Jamie Tiller, Leaves Behind a Profound Musical Legacy At the Age of 44


The world of music mourns the loss of Jamie Tiller, the co-founder of the influential record label and platform Music From Memory. A visionary curator, DJ, and tastemaker, Tiller, aged only 44, will be remembered for his profound impact on reimagining the boundaries of music exploration, discovery, and archiving. His contributions to the world of underground and obscure music have left an enduring mark on many dedicated listeners and artists alike.

Revolutionizing the Art of Music Curation

Jamie Tiller, along with close friend and collaborator Tako Reyenga, established Music From Memory in 2013 with the aim of unearthing and repackaging long-forgotten, yet genre-defying, musical gems. The pair set out on a mission to showcase the often-overlooked music from the 1980s and beyond, bridging the gap between past and present. Tiller’s exceptional ear for unconventional sounds and his ability to present them in a perfectly curated flow transformed Music From Memory into a revered label and tastemaker within the music community.

Celebrating Obscurity and Diversity

With a keen interest in unearthing rare recordings from around the world, Jamie Tiller showcased his commitment to celebrating diverse cultural landscapes. His extensive travels, relentless crate-digging, and deep exploration of different musical styles allowed him to create immersive experiences that transcended time and geographic boundaries. Demonstrating a deep respect for the artists and their stories, Tiller ensured that every release under the Music From Memory banner carried a touch of authenticity and reverence.

Revitalizing Forgotten Talents

One of the standout achievements of Jamie Tiller’s career was his ability to revive the careers of artists who had long been lost within the annals of time. Tiller’s commitment to uncovering hidden treasures often meant giving artists a second chance at recognition for their contributions to music history. By introducing these forgotten talents to a new audience, he not only provided them with the recognition they deserved but also rejuvenated their creative spirits.

Inspiring a Generation of Curators

Jamie Tiller’s unwavering dedication to unearthing forgotten music and presenting it with remarkable sincerity has inspired a new wave of music curators. His unique ability to meticulously blend tracks from different genres and eras, creating highly emotive and cohesive mixes, has set the bar high for those following in his footsteps. As countless artists and enthusiasts pay tribute to his legacy, Tiller’s immense influence will undoubtedly continue to shape the musical landscape for years to come.

A Profound Loss

The passing of Jamie Tiller marks an immense loss for the music community. His innovative approach to music curation and his exceptional talent for introducing listeners to obscure and mesmerizing sounds have left an indelible footprint on the landscape of contemporary music. His vision and passion for uncovering musical treasures transcended commercial success, serving as a reminder that true artistic expression can arise from the most unlikely of places.

Final Thoughts

Jamie Tiller’s creativity and devotion to unearthing overlooked musical masterpieces have forever impacted the way we appreciate and explore the realm of music. His legacy lives on through the enduring impact he has had on artists, curators, and audiences alike. We celebrate his profound contribution to the music industry and fervently hope that his spirit of exploration and discovery will continue to inspire generations to come.

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