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5 Country Artists Recommended for Metal Fans by Tim Montana

Tim Montana is a name that has been making waves in both the country and metal music scenes. Known for his high-energy performances and gritty, unapologetic sound, Montana has been gaining attention from fans of both genres. With his unique blend of country and rock, Montana has found a way to bridge the gap between the two seemingly disparate worlds.

In a recent interview, Montana shared his top five country artists that metal fans can easily get into. These artists all share a similar raw, unrefined sound that is sure to appeal to metal fans who appreciate the hard-hitting, no-nonsense approach to music.

1. Hank Williams III: Known for his rebellious attitude and eclectic mix of punk, metal, and country music, Hank Williams III has carved out a niche for himself in the world of alternative country. His aggressive, no-holds-barred approach to music is sure to resonate with metal fans.

2. Jamey Johnson: With his deep, gravelly voice and no-nonsense songwriting, Jamey Johnson has established himself as a formidable force in the world of outlaw country. His unapologetic approach to music and willingness to push boundaries make him a perfect fit for metal fans.

3. Cody Jinks: With his powerful, emotional vocals and hard-hitting lyrics, Cody Jinks has quickly become a favorite among country music fans. His raw, unfiltered sound is sure to resonate with metal fans who appreciate music that doesn’t hold back.

4. Sturgill Simpson: Sturgill Simpson has been pushing the boundaries of country music for years, drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences including rock, soul, and psychedelia. His experimental approach to music and fearless creativity make him a perfect match for metal fans looking for something new and exciting.

5. Ryan Bingham: With his gravelly vocals and gritty, soulful songwriting, Ryan Bingham has won over fans with his honest, unvarnished approach to music. His rootsy sound and powerful live performances are sure to appeal to metal fans who appreciate music that is unapologetically real.

These five artists represent just a small sample of the diverse and dynamic world of alternative country music. With their raw, unfiltered sound and fearless approach to music, they are sure to appeal to metal fans looking for something new and exciting. Tim Montana’s top picks are a testament to the fact that country music can be just as hard-hitting and rebellious as its metal counterparts. As more and more artists continue to push the boundaries of what country music can be, it’s clear that the genre has a lot to offer to fans of all kinds of music.

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