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Aftermath: An Album Review of ANGELUS APATRIDA

Album Review: ANGELUS APATRIDA Aftermath

Spanish thrash metal outfit ANGELUS APATRIDA is back with their latest release, “Aftermath”. With a career spanning nearly 20 years, this album proves that the band still has a lot to offer to the genre. Packed with powerful riffs, blistering solos, and aggressive vocals, “Aftermath” is a testament to their musical versatility and growth.

The opening track, “Indoctrinate”, sets the stage for what is to come throughout the album. The song hits hard with its fast-paced thrash assault, leaving no room for mercy. The band’s tight musicianship is showcased from the start, leaving no doubt that they mean business. As the album progresses, the intensity only ramps up, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Bleed the Crown”. It starts off with an infectious guitar riff that hooks you instantly. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation, allowing the guitars to soar. Guillermo Izquierdo’s vocals are as fierce as ever, delivering the lyrics with aggression and passion. The track is an anthem for the disenchanted, with thought-provoking lyrics that critique the current state of the world.

“Fireball” is another track that demands attention. The blistering guitar work in the song is sure to make any metalhead headbang with fervor. The rhythm section maintains a relentless pace, pushing the track forward with unstoppable force. This is a song that captures the essence of thrash metal and reminds us why we fell in love with the genre in the first place.

While the album predominantly leans towards a thrash metal sound, ANGELUS APATRIDA experiment with different influences throughout, adding depth to their music. Tracks like “Through the Glass” and “Shiverland” showcase the band’s ability to incorporate melodic elements into their sound without sacrificing the intensity and aggression that defines their music.

One of the strengths of “Aftermath” lies in its production. The album sounds polished, allowing each instrument to shine through while still maintaining the raw energy that is essential to thrash metal. The mix strikes a perfect balance between clarity and chaos, capturing the band’s live energy.

ANGELUS APATRIDA’s “Aftermath” is a testament to their growth as a band. It is an album that showcases their ability to push boundaries while still staying true to their thrash metal roots. The band’s musicianship and songwriting skills are on full display, making this an album that will surely please both long-time fans and newcomers to their music.

With “Aftermath”, ANGELUS APATRIDA proves that they are a force to be reckoned with in the current thrash metal scene. They have crafted an album that is relentless, powerful, and thought-provoking. It is a welcome addition to their discography and solidifies their place as one of the leading bands in the genre.

If you are a fan of thrash metal or looking for an album that will get your blood pumping, “Aftermath” by ANGELUS APATRIDA is definitely worth checking out. Prepare yourself for a wild ride through the ferocious world of thrash metal.

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