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Baroness’ John Baizley’s Selection of the Best 10 Metal Albums from the 1990s

The 1990s were a vital period for metal music, with several iconic bands and albums emerging during that time. Today, we have the pleasure of diving into the metal world of the 90s with John Baizley, frontman of the critically acclaimed band Baroness. Known for their unique blend of sludge, progressive, and alternative metal, Baroness has earned great respect within the metal community, making Baizley a suitable curator for a list of the top 10 metal albums from this era. So let’s embark on this musical journey and explore the albums that influenced one of metal’s most respected figures.

1. Neurosis – “Through Silver in Blood” (1996): Baizley starts his list with what he considers “the pinnacle of heaviness.” This album by Neurosis successfully blends elements of doom, sludge, and post-metal, creating an atmosphere that is both haunting and cathartic.

2. Melvins – “Houdini” (1993): Baizley’s next pick is the groundbreaking album by the Melvins. “Houdini” showcases heavy, sludgy riffs, unusual time signatures, and inventive songwriting that influenced countless bands to follow.

3. Black Sabbath – “Dehumanizer” (1992): Baizley pays homage to the pioneers of metal with this iconic release. “Dehumanizer” features Ronnie James Dio’s powerful vocals and Tony Iommi’s legendary guitar work, reminding us why Black Sabbath is considered one of the greatest metal bands of all time.

4. Kyuss – “Blues for the Red Sun” (1992): Baizley includes this influential album by Kyuss, often credited as one of the pioneers of desert rock or stoner metal. Its distorted guitar tones, fuzzy bass lines, and Josh Homme’s distinct vocals make it a must-listen for any fan of heavy music.

5. Pantera – “Vulgar Display of Power” (1992): Baizley acknowledges Pantera’s impact on the metal scene with their raw yet technically impressive album. “Vulgar Display of Power” is a relentless onslaught of aggression, combining groove metal and thrash elements with Phil Anselmo’s mighty vocals.

6. Sepultura – “Chaos A.D.” (1993): Baizley highlights Sepultura’s album as a quintessential release of the 90s, successfully blending thrash, death metal, and groove elements. “Chaos A.D.” pushed the boundaries of extreme metal, incorporating tribal rhythms and socio-political themes.

7. Emperor – “Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk” (1997): Baizley recognizes Emperor’s contribution to black metal with their symphonic masterpiece. This album showcases intricate guitar work, atmospheric keyboards, and Ihsahn’s mesmerizing vocals, solidifying Emperor’s status as one of black metal’s most influential bands.

8. Cathedral – “Forest of Equilibrium” (1991): Baizley adds this album to his list, describing it as “one of the slowest and heaviest albums ever created.” Cathedral’s debut showcases a unique blend of doom and death metal, with Lee Dorrian’s distinct vocals and crushing guitar riffs.

9. Type O Negative – “Bloody Kisses” (1993): Baizley includes this album for its mixture of gothic, doom, and alternative metal. “Bloody Kisses” captivates listeners with its dark and introspective lyrics, complimented by Peter Steele’s deep baritone vocals.

10. Paradise Lost – “Draconian Times” (1995): Baizley concludes his list with Paradise Lost’s iconic release. “Draconian Times” solidified the band’s shift towards a more gothic sound, intertwining melodic and heavy elements with Nick Holmes’ melancholic vocals.

With this compilation, John Baizley offers metal enthusiasts a diverse and comprehensive selection of albums that shaped the genre throughout the 90s. Whether you lean towards doom, sludge, black metal, or any other subgenre, these albums serve as a testament to the creative power and lasting impact of metal music during this decade. So grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and let these albums transport you back to the golden age of 90s metal.

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