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Boygenius and Timothée Chalamet portray Troye Sivan in SNL sketch: Check it out

In a hilarious and unexpected turn of events, the indie rock supergroup Boygenius and actor Timothée Chalamet teamed up to portray pop star Troye Sivan in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

The sketch, which aired on the February 26th episode of SNL, featured Boygenius members Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, along with Chalamet, playing the roles of the Australian singer-songwriter. The group donned wigs and colorful outfits to mimic Sivan’s signature style, and the result was nothing short of hilarious.

The sketch, titled “Troye Sivan Talk Show,” saw the Boygenius members and Chalamet impersonating Sivan as they interviewed guests and performed comedy skits. The group perfectly captured Sivan’s quirky personality and mannerisms, delivering a spot-on portrayal that had audiences roaring with laughter.

The unexpected collaboration between Boygenius and Chalamet in this SNL sketch came as a delightful surprise to fans of both the indie music scene and the talented actor. Boygenius, known for their introspective and emotive music, has garnered a dedicated following since their formation in 2018. Timothée Chalamet, on the other hand, is an acclaimed actor known for his roles in films such as “Call Me By Your Name” and “Little Women.”

Troye Sivan himself took to social media to express his amusement and appreciation for the sketch, sharing a clip of the performance on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The singer-songwriter seemed to be thoroughly entertained by the portrayal, and his fans were equally delighted by the comedic tribute.

The collaboration between Boygenius and Chalamet in the SNL sketch not only showcased their comedic talents but also highlighted the camaraderie and mutual admiration among artists from different creative spheres. It was a lighthearted and entertaining moment that brought together the worlds of indie music and acting in a delightful and unexpected way.

For those who may have missed the sketch when it aired, the clip has since been widely shared on social media and has garnered thousands of views on various platforms. Fans of Boygenius, Timothée Chalamet, and Troye Sivan alike have been buzzing about the amusing and memorable performance, solidifying its place as a standout moment from the recent SNL episode.

Overall, the Boygenius and Timothée Chalamet portrayal of Troye Sivan in the SNL sketch was a delightful and refreshing surprise that showcased their comedic talents and provided a moment of lighthearted entertainment for audiences. It’s a reminder of the joy that can come from unexpected collaborations and creative expression in the world of entertainment.

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