CODESEVEN Makes a Comeback After Twenty Years with Fresh Single and Album

CODESEVEN, the influential post-hardcore band from North Carolina, is making a long-awaited comeback after a hiatus of two decades. The band has just released a new single, titled “Calm No Storm,” which is the first taste of their upcoming album, “Twin Flame.”

Formed in 1995, CODESEVEN quickly gained a dedicated following with their unique blend of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and emo influences. The band’s sound was characterized by soaring melodies, intricate guitar work, and introspective lyrics. Their debut album, “A Sense of Coalition,” released in 1997, showcased their potential and set the stage for their future success.

Throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, CODESEVEN continued to build their reputation with their sophomore album, “Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds” in 2002 and the EP, “Division of Labor” in 2004. However, despite critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase, the band decided to part ways in 2005.

For years, CODESEVEN remained silent, leaving fans wondering if they would ever reunite. However, the band surprised everyone in 2019 when they announced their reunion and plans for a new album. The news was met with overwhelming excitement from fans who had been eagerly awaiting their return.

Now, CODESEVEN has finally resurfaced with their new single, “Calm No Storm.” The track captures the essence of the band’s signature sound, blending emotional lyrics with powerful instrumentals. It is a triumphant comeback for CODESEVEN, and a reminder of the impact they had on the post-hardcore genre.

Moreover, the released single is just a glimpse into what the full album, “Twin Flame,” has in store for fans. Scheduled for release on September 2nd, 2022, the album is expected to be a testament to the band’s growth and evolution over the past two decades.

In an interview, guitarist Josh King shared his thoughts on the band’s return, stating, “We wanted to make sure that this album lives up to our legacy and gives fans everything they loved about CODESEVEN. We’re excited to share our new music and reconnect with our fans, both old and new.”

The return of CODESEVEN is a testament to the enduring power of their music and the impact they made on the post-hardcore scene. It also serves as a reminder of the timelessness of their sound, which has the ability to resonate with audiences even after two decades.

As the band prepares to embark on a new chapter in their career, fans can expect more surprises and exciting announcements in the coming months. Whether they plan to tour, release more music, or collaborate with other artists, CODESEVEN’s reunion is undoubtedly an exciting time for fans of the genre.

In an industry that often sees bands come and go, CODESEVEN’s return is a welcomed reminder of the lasting impact that music can have on both artists and fans. Their new single and upcoming album are sure to reignite the passion and love they garnered in their prime and introduce their iconic sound to a new generation of listeners.

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