Collaborative Albums Reissued by BORIS & MERZBOW

Legendary experimental artists BORIS and MERZBOW have announced the reissue of two of their groundbreaking collaborative albums. This exciting news has sent shockwaves through the music community and provoked immense anticipation among fans. The albums in question, “Rock Dream” and “Gensho,” represent the pinnacle of two imaginative and diverse musical forces intertwining to create a visceral sonic experience unlike anything else.

BORIS, hailing from Japan, have been pushing musical boundaries for over two decades. Known for their ability to effortlessly maneuver between genres, they seamlessly blend elements of rock, metal, noise, and drone into their distinct sound. On the other hand, MERZBOW, the brainchild of influential Japanese noise musician Masami Akita, is renowned for his relentless and uncompromising approach to noise composition. Together, these two artists have formed an unparalleled partnership, creating sonic landscapes that challenge conventional notions of music.

“Rock Dream” was originally released in 2007 and marked the beginning of BORIS and MERZBOW’s collaboration. Uniting BORIS’s heavy guitar-driven sound with the raw power of MERZBOW’s noise experiments, the album is a melting pot of sonic intensity. It features massive riffs, blistering guitar solos, walls of noise, and occasional moments of tranquility, meticulously woven together to form an immersive and captivating musical journey.

“Gensho,” released in 2016, takes their collaboration to even greater heights. Consisting of two separate albums, one by BORIS and the other by MERZBOW, it showcases the artists’ distinct sonic approaches while demonstrating their seamless ability to complement each other. This album is a masterclass in collaboration, with BORIS delivering their characteristic fuzz-laden guitar onslaughts while MERZBOW provides his signature harsh noise soundscapes. The combination of these elements creates an otherworldly audio experience that pushes the boundaries of both noise and rock music.

The decision to reissue these two albums will undoubtedly introduce a new generation of music lovers to the unique and captivating world BORIS and MERZBOW have constructed. Their collaborative work pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally considered music, challenging listeners to explore new realms of sonic experimentation.

It’s worth noting that these reissues bring both “Rock Dream” and “Gensho” into the vinyl format, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the sound. Vinyl enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate the chance to experience the full range of dynamics and textures these albums have to offer in this traditional format.

BORIS and MERZBOW’s collaboration stands as a testament to the power of artistic experimentation. Their ability to push the limits of sound and genre classification has garnered them a cult following and solidified their place in the pantheon of experimental music. With these reissues, new audiences will have the opportunity to experience the sheer sonic force they conjure, leaving an indelible mark on their musical journey.

As the world awaits the reissue of “Rock Dream” and “Gensho,” expectations are high. BORIS and MERZBOW have proven time and again that they are not afraid to venture into uncharted sonic territories. These reissued albums promise to be an invitation for music enthusiasts to strap themselves in for a thrilling and transformative audio experience. Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to their work, be prepared to be enveloped in a world of sonic exploration when BORIS and MERZBOW’s reissued albums hit the shelves.

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