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Depeche Mode’s “Strange/Strange Too” Video Collection to Be Released on DVD/Blu-ray

Depeche Mode Releasing Video Collection Strange/Strange Too on DVD/Blu-ray

Depeche Mode fans can rejoice as the iconic British band is set to release their video collection, Strange/Strange Too, on DVD and Blu-ray. This long-awaited release will be a treat for both devoted followers and newcomers who want to explore the band’s groundbreaking visuals.

Strange/Strange Too is a compilation of Depeche Mode’s music videos, spanning two decades from 1981 to 1997. The collection comprises two separate releases, each showcasing a distinct era of the band’s career. “Strange” covers the early years, while “Strange Too” focuses on their later and more mature period.

Depeche Mode has always been at the forefront of the music video medium. Their videos have consistently pushed boundaries, experimenting with concept, style, and visuals, making them an integral part of the band’s artistic expression. From the raw energy of “Just Can’t Get Enough” to the enigmatic and sensual “Enjoy the Silence,” their videos have left an indelible mark on the industry.

The DVD/Blu-ray release of Strange/Strange Too provides fans with a unique opportunity to delve into the evolution of Depeche Mode’s visual aesthetic. The impeccable restoration ensures that the videos look better than ever, allowing viewers to appreciate the exquisite cinematography and attention to detail.

Beyond the visual aspect, the video collection also serves as a time capsule, showcasing the evolution of the band’s sound and style. Depeche Mode’s transformation from a synth-pop band to pioneers of alternative rock is palpable throughout the collection. From the catchy melodies of their early hits to the brooding, introspective tracks of their later albums, the videos capture the band’s constant evolution, showcasing their ability to reinvent themselves while staying true to their core identity.

The release of Strange/Strange Too on DVD and Blu-ray speaks to the enduring legacy and influence of Depeche Mode. After four decades in the industry, the band continues to captivate audiences, and this video collection is a testament to their impact on popular culture. It offers an opportunity for longtime fans to relive their favorite videos in high-definition and introduces new fans to the innovative and unique world of Depeche Mode.

To complement the videos, the release includes bonus features that provide insights into the making of these visual masterpieces. These behind-the-scenes footages, interviews, and commentary from the band members themselves offer a glimpse into their creative process and shed light on the stories behind the videos. It’s a treat for fans who have always been curious about the band’s artistic choices and the inspiration behind their most memorable visuals.

Depeche Mode’s music has always resonated deeply with audiences, and their videos have played a significant role in immortalizing their songs. As the band prepares to release their video collection, Strange/Strange Too, fans can look forward to an immersive journey through a visual realm that is as captivating as the music itself. Whether you’re a longtime devotee or a new admirer, this DVD/Blu-ray release is a must-have for any music lover who appreciates the intersection of audio and visual art.

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