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Experience the Closest Thing to a STONE SOUR Reunion at Present

Fans of the American rock band Stone Sour may be disappointed to learn that a full-blown reunion is not on the cards just yet. However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon as the band’s lead vocalist, Corey Taylor, recently announced an exciting project that may temporarily satiate fans’ cravings for the band’s music.

In a surprising move, Corey Taylor, who is also known as the frontman for the heavy metal band Slipknot, has formed a new band known as “CMFT.” The band, which carries Taylor’s initials as its name, is set to release its debut solo album later this year. While this may not be a Stone Sour reunion, it is the closest fans are getting to hearing Taylor’s distinctive vocals on new music in the near future.

Stone Sour last released an album, “Hydrograd,” in 2017, before going on an indefinite hiatus. Since the announcement, fans have eagerly awaited any news about a potential reunion. While Corey Taylor has expressed interest in writing new material for Stone Sour in the future, it seems that his immediate focus is on his new solo venture, CMFT.

The debut single from CMFT, titled “Black Eyes Blue,” has been well-received by fans and critics alike. The song combines elements of hard rock and alternative metal, showcasing Taylor’s versatility as a musician. With its catchy hooks, energetic rhythms, and Taylor’s unmistakable voice, “Black Eyes Blue” offers listeners a taste of what they can expect from CMFT’s upcoming album.

It is worth mentioning that despite the exciting prospect of Corey Taylor’s new solo project, Stone Sour fans need not worry about the future of the band. In interviews, Taylor has reiterated that Stone Sour is simply on a break and that he intends to dive back into writing and recording with the band at some point.

While the wait for new Stone Sour material may still be ongoing, the emergence of CMFT and the release of its debut solo album provide fans with an opportunity to enjoy Corey Taylor’s captivating vocals and songwriting abilities. The project promises to deliver an array of musical styles and influences, showcasing Taylor’s artistic versatility beyond the boundaries of Stone Sour.

In the meantime, Stone Sour enthusiasts can find solace in the fact that Corey Taylor’s creative energy continues to flow, ensuring that fresh material will eventually find its way to their eager ears. And who knows, perhaps these solo endeavors will serve as a stepping stone to a highly-anticipated and long-awaited Stone Sour reunion in the future.

For now, fans can embrace the new sounds of CMFT, allowing themselves to be taken on a musical journey that promises to showcase Corey Taylor’s artistic evolution and provide a temporary fix until the day Stone Sour strikes a chord once again.

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