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How REX BROWN and PHIL ANSELMO Initiated Discussion on PANTERA Celebration Shows

In a recent interview, former Pantera bassist Rex Brown revealed how he and his longtime bandmate Phil Anselmo started discussing the possibility of doing Pantera celebration shows. Brown shed light on their conversations and expressed his enthusiasm for the idea.

For those unfamiliar with Pantera, they were a groundbreaking American heavy metal band that emerged in the late 1980s. Known for their unique blend of groove metal and thrash, Pantera achieved great success throughout the 1990s until their unfortunate breakup in 2003.

Since then, fans have always wondered if there would ever be a chance for the surviving members to come together and pay tribute to their legendary band. Dimebag Darrell, the iconic guitarist of Pantera, was tragically taken away from us in 2004, leaving Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, and drummer Vinnie Paul as the only remaining members.

In the interview, Brown explained that although he had always been open to the idea of honoring Pantera’s legacy, it was Anselmo who initially approached him about organizing the celebration shows. He revealed that the two had a heartfelt conversation about their shared love for the music they had created together.

According to Brown, Anselmo expressed his desire to reconnect with their fans and play the songs they had crafted during their years in Pantera. This discussion ignited a spark within both musicians, reigniting the possibility of Pantera celebration shows that many had been longing for.

These shows, as Brown elaborated, would not be about replacing Dimebag Darrell or attempting to recreate the authentic Pantera experience. Instead, they would serve as a tribute to their fallen brother and a way to celebrate the band’s music with their passionate fanbase.

Brown acknowledged that moving forward without Dimebag Darrell would be a challenging task, as his unique guitar playing was an integral part of the Pantera sound. However, he emphasized that these celebration shows would aim to honor his memory rather than filling the void left by his absence.

The interview concluded with Brown expressing his excitement about the prospect of connecting with the fans once again. While there are no concrete plans in place yet, the former Pantera members seem to be committed to making these celebration shows a reality.

For Pantera fans worldwide, the possibility of witnessing Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo take the stage together again is undoubtedly exciting news. It represents a chance to relive the band’s powerful music and pay homage to the indelible mark they left on the heavy metal genre.

Whether these Pantera celebration shows eventually come to fruition or not, the conversations between Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo hint at a strong desire to honor the band’s legacy. Their dedication to ensuring that Pantera’s music continues to resonate with fans is a testament to the enduring impact the band has had on the world of heavy metal.

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