Interview with VOLBEAT’s Michael Poulsen: Reflecting on ASINHELL, His Throat Operation, and Paying Tribute to L.G. PETROV from ENTOMBED

VOLBEAT’s frontman Michael Poulsen recently sat down for an interview where he discussed their recent live DVD release, “AsinHell”, his throat operation, and paying tribute to the late L.G. Petrov of ENTOMBED.

“AsinHell” is VOLBEAT’s first-ever live DVD, capturing their energetic and captivating performance at the iconic Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival. Poulsen expressed his enthusiasm about the DVD’s release, stating that he’s always wanted to document their live shows to let fans experience the energy and connection they share with their audience. He also mentioned that they put a lot of effort into preparing the performance, ensuring it would stand out and be a memorable experience.

During the interview, Poulsen was asked about his recent throat operation, which caused the band to cancel a few shows. He explained that the operation was necessary due to a polyp that had developed on his vocal cords. Concerned about his vocal health and performance quality, Poulsen made the difficult decision to undergo the surgery. Thankfully, the operation was successful, and he has since recovered, ready to hit the stage once again.

When asked about his influences and musical heroes, Poulsen paid tribute to the late L.G. Petrov, the vocalist of legendary Swedish death metal band ENTOMBED, who sadly passed away on March 7, 2021, after battling bile duct cancer. Poulsen expressed his admiration for Petrov, stating that he was one of his vocal idols, with an extraordinary and unique voice that left a lasting impact on the metal scene. As a way to honor Petrov, Poulsen proposed the idea of an ENTOMBED tribute album, collaborating with various artists to celebrate the late musician’s legacy.

Poulsen also highlighted the importance of staying true to oneself and being a dedicated artist. He emphasized the need to keep pushing boundaries and always striving for greatness. Poulsen believes that success comes from hard work, persistence, and an unwavering passion for what you do.

The interview provided fans with a glimpse into the life and experiences of VOLBEAT’s talented frontman, Michael Poulsen. From discussing the excitement of releasing their first live DVD, recovering from a throat operation, to paying homage to the late L.G. Petrov, Poulsen showcased his passion for music and his commitment to his craft. VOLBEAT fans can look forward to more incredible performances and meaningful tributes from the band, as they continue to make waves in the rock and metal scene.

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