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Irving Plaza Showcases Explosive Performances by CAVALERA, EXHUMED & INCITE in Stunning Photos

Last night, metalheads flooded the streets surrounding Irving Plaza in New York City, eagerly awaiting a night of headbanging, mosh pits, and unadulterated metal. And with a lineup featuring the iconic brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, death metal veterans Exhumed, and up-and-coming thrashers Incite, fans knew they were in for a treat. The energy in the air was palpable, and the anticipation was building as the night went on.

First up on stage was Incite, a band that has been making waves in the metal scene with their relentless thrash sound. Led by frontman Richie Cavalera, son of Max Cavalera, Incite delivered a high-octane performance that left their mark on the crowd. From the moment they stepped on stage, the band’s intensity was contagious, and they wasted no time in launching into their heavy-hitting songs. As their set progressed, the mosh pits grew wilder, and fans were completely engrossed in the music. Incite proved they are a force to be reckoned with and left a lasting impression on everyone present.

Next up were the death metal veterans Exhumed, a band that needs no introduction. With their razor-sharp riffs, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals, Exhumed brought the brutality to the stage. Their setlist was a perfect blend of old classics and newer material, ensuring that both longtime fans and newcomers were equally satisfied. The energy in the room reached its peak during songs like “Waxwork” and “Open the Abscess,” with the crowd losing themselves in the frenzy of the mosh pit. Exhumed showcased why they are hailed as one of the pioneers of the genre, leaving the audience craving more.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived as the legendary Cavalera brothers took the stage. Max and Igor Cavalera, founding members of Sepultura, came together as CAVALERA to perform their iconic album “Beneath the Remains” in its entirety. From the very first note, the crowd went into a frenzy, with a wave of bodies crashing against each other in a sea of movement. The energy in the room was electric as the brothers delivered an incredibly intense and flawless performance. Songs like “Inner Self” and “Stronger Than Hate” had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs, creating a euphoric atmosphere. The highlight of the night came when Max and Igor were joined on stage by Richie Cavalera for a powerful rendition of “Territory,” a Sepultura classic. It was a moment of pure metal bliss, and the crowd couldn’t have asked for a better ending to an unforgettable night.

The combination of CAVALERA, Exhumed, and Incite at Irving Plaza was a metalhead’s dream come true. Each band brought their unique brand of heaviness, showcasing the diversity and power of the metal genre. The crowd left the venue sweaty, exhausted, and completely satisfied, with their ears ringing and their hearts full. This night will surely be etched in their memories as an unforgettable experience, a testament to the unifying power of metal music.

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