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JAMES LABRIE Welcomes MIKE PORTNOY Back to DREAM THEATER: “Welcome Home, My Friend”


Dream Theater fans around the world went into a frenzy when it was announced that former drummer Mike Portnoy would be reuniting with the band for a one-off performance. The news came as a pleasant surprise to many, especially considering the acrimonious split between Portnoy and the band back in 2010. However, one member of the band in particular was especially thrilled about the reunion: lead vocalist James LaBrie.

LaBrie has been the frontman for Dream Theater for over 30 years, and he has undoubtedly established himself as one of the most iconic voices in the progressive metal genre. Throughout his tenure with the band, he has seen numerous ups and downs, including the departure of Portnoy, who was a founding member of the band.

When Portnoy left the band, it sent shockwaves through the progressive metal community. Many fans wondered how the band would continue without one of its core members, and LaBrie was one of the most vocal about his disappointment. In the years following Portnoy’s departure, LaBrie and the rest of the band found a new rhythm with drummer Mike Mangini, and Dream Theater continued to release critically acclaimed albums and tour the world.

Despite the success with Mangini, there was always a lingering sense of nostalgia for the Portnoy era, and it seemed that the band and its fans would never get the chance to see the original lineup reunite. However, all of that changed when Portnoy announced his brief return to the band for a one-off performance in Norway.

LaBrie’s reaction to the news was one of pure elation. In an interview, he expressed his excitement about reuniting with Portnoy, calling it a “welcome home, my friend” moment. He spoke about how the reunion was a chance for the band to pay tribute to its past while also looking towards the future.

For LaBrie, the reunion with Portnoy represents a chance to relive the glory days of the band’s early years and to reconnect with a friend and collaborator. He has always been vocal about his admiration for Portnoy’s drumming and his contributions to the band’s sound, and the opportunity to share the stage with him once again is something that he does not take for granted.

As the date of the reunion performance draws nearer, fans can expect to see LaBrie and Portnoy share the stage once again, bringing back memories of a time when Dream Theater was at the height of its powers. For LaBrie, it’s a chance to honor the band’s legacy and to celebrate the enduring friendship and musical partnership that has been at the heart of Dream Theater for over three decades.


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