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KROQ DJ and Radio Innovator, Dusty Street, Passes Away at 77

Dusty Street, an iconic figure in the radio industry, has sadly passed away at the age of 77. Known for her distinctive voice and vibrant personality, Dusty was one of the first female DJs to break into the male-dominated world of rock radio. She revolutionized the industry with her unique style, leaving a lasting impact on the airwaves.

Born as Evelyn Reinstein on November 29, 1944, in Ventura, California, Dusty was captivated by music from an early age. Her passion for rock and roll drove her to pursue a career in radio, navigating a field that was primarily dominated by men in the 1960s and 70s.

In 1970, Dusty made history as the first female DJ at the legendary rock station, KSAN-FM in San Francisco. She quickly became a household name, attracting a loyal following of listeners who were drawn to her vast knowledge of music and her infectious energy. Dusty was known for her deep musical acumen, effortlessly introducing her audience to new sounds and undiscovered artists. The radio waves became her canvas, and she painted an exquisite picture of rock music for her listeners.

After leaving KSAN-FM in 1978, Dusty moved on to KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, where she became a prominent voice on the station. She ruled the late-night airwaves with her show “The Insomniac,” enchanting listeners with her soothing voice and her uncanny ability to select the perfect song for every mood. Dusty had an innate talent for connecting with her audience, making each listener feel like a cherished friend.

Throughout her career, Dusty interviewed countless rock legends, including The Who, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. Her interviews were genuine, insightful, and often laced with her trademark humor. She had a knack for putting her subjects at ease, creating an intimate atmosphere that allowed for candid conversations. Dusty was not just a DJ; she was a storyteller, bringing the world of rock music to life for her listeners.

Dusty’s impact on the radio industry cannot be overstated. Her success paved the way for future generations of female DJs, proving that women could thrive in a field that was once deemed exclusively for men. She was a pioneer, fearlessly breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes.

Beyond her accomplishments on the airwaves, Dusty Street was beloved by her colleagues and listeners alike. Her warm personality, infectious laughter, and genuine love for music made her a cherished figure in the radio community. Dusty’s influence extended far beyond her time on the air, as she continued to inspire and support aspiring musicians throughout the years.

Dusty Street’s legacy will forever be remembered in the annals of radio history. Her charismatic presence, musical expertise, and dedication to the craft set a new standard for DJs around the world. She leaves behind a rich tapestry of memories, stories, and a profound impact that will resonate with music lovers for generations to come. Dusty, thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us, and may you continue to rock the heavens above.

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