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Luke Temple, also known as Art Feynman, releases music video for new track “Therapy at 3pm”

Art Feynman, the musical alter ego of Luke Temple, is back with a new song and accompanying video titled “Therapy at 3pm”. The multi-talented artist delivers an infectious blend of funk, electronic, and indie rock, creating a sound that is uniquely his own.

The song itself is a groovy, laid-back jam that oozes with coolness. The bassline is funky, the guitar licks are catchy, and the electronic elements add a modern touch to the track. Temple’s smooth and soulful vocals tie everything together, making “Therapy at 3pm” a perfect summer anthem.

The accompanying video for the song is just as captivating as the music itself. Directed by Derrick Belcham, the video features psychedelic visuals that perfectly complement the song’s funky vibe. It’s a trippy and visually stunning experience that adds another layer of depth to the overall artistic vision of Art Feynman.

Art Feynman first emerged on the music scene with his debut album “Blast Off Through the Wicker” in 2017, which received critical acclaim for its innovative and genre-bending approach to music. With “Therapy at 3pm”, Temple continues to push boundaries and defy genres, solidifying his reputation as a boundary-pushing artist.

Luke Temple’s musical journey has been nothing short of eclectic. In addition to his work as Art Feynman, he is also known for his indie folk project Here We Go Magic. His versatility as a musician is truly impressive, and it’s evident in the way he effortlessly navigates through different musical styles and genres.

As Art Feynman, Temple has found a platform to explore and experiment with his musical ideas, free from any constraints or expectations. With “Therapy at 3pm”, he continues to showcase his creative prowess and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

“Therapy at 3pm” is a testament to Art Feynman’s ability to create music that is both artistically bold and irresistibly catchy. With its infectious grooves and innovative blend of sounds, the song is a testament to Temple’s unique musical vision and his willingness to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible in music.

With the release of “Therapy at 3pm” and its accompanying video, Art Feynman has once again proven himself to be an artist worth paying attention to. As he continues to push the envelope and carve out his own sonic landscape, it’s clear that there are no limits to the musical journey of Art Feynman.

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