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“M. Ward Collaborates with First Aid Kit on Nintendo-Inspired “Engine 5” Video”

M. Ward, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, has delighted fans once again with the release of a brand new music video, inspired by the world of Nintendo. The video, titled “Engine 5,” features the talented duo First Aid Kit and takes viewers on a nostalgic journey back to the era of 8-bit gaming.

Known for his evocative storytelling and soulful melodies, M. Ward has carved a unique niche for himself in the music industry. With his latest release, he adds another layer of creativity by incorporating video game aesthetics into his work. The video for “Engine 5” pays homage to classic Nintendo games, capturing the spirit of adventure and imagination that defined a generation of gamers.

In “Engine 5,” M. Ward seamlessly merges his signature folk sound with the pixelated charm of video games. The track itself is a mellow and introspective tune, with Ward’s soothing vocals blending effortlessly with First Aid Kit’s beautiful harmonies. The addition of their vocals adds an enchanting element to the song, elevating it to something truly special.

The video, directed by David McClister, features M. Ward as a pixelated character navigating through various levels reminiscent of iconic Nintendo games such as Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. Each level brings its own unique challenges, mirroring the ups and downs of life itself. From dodging pixelated enemies to collecting mushrooms and coins, M. Ward’s character traverses through a whimsical world filled with wonder and nostalgia.

The visual nostalgia of the video is heightened by the use of retro graphics and familiar sound effects from classic Nintendo games. The pixel art style, simple yet vibrant colors, and the iconic chiptune music create a charming atmosphere that captures the essence of a bygone era in gaming. It is a delightful treat for both music and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Collaborating with First Aid Kit on “Engine 5” adds an extra layer of beauty to the song. The Swedish folk-rock duo, comprised of sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg, are known for their enchanting harmonies and emotional songwriting. Their voices blend seamlessly with M. Ward’s, adding depth and complexity to the track.

In a statement about the collaboration, First Aid Kit expressed their excitement for being part of the Nintendo-inspired video. They shared, “We’ve always loved M. Ward’s music, so when he approached us to collaborate and be in a Nintendo-inspired video, we were beyond thrilled. It was a dream come true to bring our voices together in such a unique project.”

M. Ward’s “Engine 5,” featuring First Aid Kit, is not only a nostalgic tribute to the world of Nintendo but also a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in music. The video takes viewers on a whimsical journey, reminding them of the joy and wonder that video games and music can evoke. It is a delightful experience that will leave fans both young and old with a smile on their faces and a deep appreciation for the artistry involved.

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