New York hardcore veterans MADBALL are back and ready to bring their legendary energy to stages across Europe with their recently announced European tour. Joining them on this thrilling ride are SCOWL, SUNAMI, THE CHISEL, and MINDWAR, promising an explosive lineup that will undoubtedly leave crowds craving more.

MADBALL, known for their relentless live performances, are no strangers to European shores. Celebrating over three decades of hardcore dominance, the band continues to deliver their signature brand of gritty, in-your-face music. Their unapologetic attitude and powerful anthems have made them staples in the hardcore scene and have earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide.

Joining MADBALL on this tour is SCOWL, a hardcore punk band hailing from the UK. Their raw, fast-paced songs are filled with aggression and passion, promising to ignite mosh pits wherever they go. Known for their chaotic and entertaining shows, SCOWL is a force to be reckoned with and will undoubtedly bring an unruly energy to each performance.

SUNAMI, another UK-based band, will be adding their own brand of heaviness to the lineup. Blending elements of hardcore, metal, and punk, SUNAMI creates a sound that is brutal and hard-hitting. With their intense live performances and infectious energy, SUNAMI is sure to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

Hailing from London, THE CHISEL is a band that cannot be pigeonholed into one specific genre. Their raw, high-energy sound incorporates elements of punk, hardcore, and even rock ‘n’ roll. Best known for their chaotic and unpredictable live performances, THE CHISEL will keep audiences on their toes and deliver a unique and adrenaline-fuelled experience.

Finally, MINDWAR, a rising force in the European hardcore scene, will be showcasing their brand of ferocious and fast-paced music. Hailing from Germany, the band blends old-school hardcore with a contemporary edge, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. MINDWAR’s relentless energy and passion for their craft make them a perfect fit for this already explosive lineup.

Fans of hardcore and punk music are in for a treat with this European tour. MADBALL, along with SCOWL, SUNAMI, THE CHISEL, and MINDWAR, will undoubtedly leave their mark on audiences, delivering powerful performances that will be remembered for years to come.

So, if you’re a fan of demolishing mosh pits, exhilarating stage dives, and unforgettable live music experiences, be sure not to miss MADBALL’s European tour. With this lineup of powerhouse bands, the tour promises to be a thrilling celebration of hardcore music, united under one roof. Get your tickets, prepare for the chaos, and brace yourself for an unforgettable night of high-energy music courtesy of MADBALL and their incredible supporting acts.

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