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Michael Shannon and Jason Narducy from Superchunk to Present R.E.M.’s “Murmur” Live on Tour in February

Renowned actor Michael Shannon and indie rock musician Jason Narducy, known for his work with Superchunk, have announced an exciting collaboration. The duo is set to perform R.E.M.’s iconic album “Murmur” in its entirety during a tour that will take place next February. Fans of both artists and the influential band will be treated to a unique experience, as Shannon and Narducy bring their own interpretations and talents to this highly acclaimed album.

Michael Shannon, acclaimed for his intense and mesmerizing performances in films such as “Nocturnal Animals” and “The Shape of Water,” is no stranger to the music world either. He fronts the rock band Corporal, showcasing his skill in both acting and music. Shannon’s deep, captivating voice is sure to bring a distinctive touch to R.E.M.’s songs. His passion for music and engaging stage presence will undoubtedly complement Narducy’s musicianship.

Jason Narducy, a highly regarded figure in the indie rock scene, is best known as the bassist for Superchunk. He has also played with artists such as Bob Mould and Robert Pollard, showcasing his ability to adapt and collaborate with musicians from diverse backgrounds. Narducy’s energetic and vibrant performance style, combined with his musical sensibilities, will add an exciting energy to the tour.

The decision to perform R.E.M.’s “Murmur” in its entirety is a homage to one of the most influential albums in rock history. Released in 1983, the album marked R.E.M.’s debut, propelling them to critical acclaim and setting the stage for their long and successful career. “Murmur” is a beloved record characterized by its jangly guitars, enigmatic lyrics, and dreamlike atmosphere. It captured the essence of the alternative rock movement that emerged in the ’80s, and its legacy continues to influence artists to this day.

Bringing together Shannon and Narducy to perform “Murmur” will undoubtedly bring a fresh interpretation to these classic songs. Both artists have eclectic tastes and a deep appreciation for the power of music. Their collaboration promises a dynamic and unique take on R.E.M.’s tracks, while honoring the band’s original spirit.

For fans of R.E.M., Shannon, and Narducy, this tour is an opportunity to revisit the magic of “Murmur” in a whole new light. The combination of Shannon’s commanding stage presence and Narducy’s musical talent is certain to create an unforgettable experience for concert-goers.

The tour is set to kick off in February, spanning various cities across the country. Fans eagerly await the chance to witness this extraordinary collaboration between two passionate and accomplished artists.

In conclusion, Michael Shannon and Jason Narducy’s upcoming tour, where they will perform R.E.M.’s “Murmur,” promises to be an exceptional experience for fans of these talented individuals and the acclaimed album. Their commitment to music and their individual artistic expressions will undoubtedly offer a fresh perspective on the beloved songs of R.E.M. As February approaches, anticipation grows among music enthusiasts who eagerly await the chance to witness this unique collaboration between two artistic powerhouses.

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