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Miranda July Stars in “Hell” Music Video as Sleater-Kinney Unveils New Album and Tour

Sleater-Kinney fans, rejoice! The iconic indie rock band has announced their highly anticipated new album and an accompanying tour, and they have even released a captivating music video for their latest song, “Hell.” But what makes this release even more exciting is the inclusion of acclaimed filmmaker, artist, and writer Miranda July, who stars in the visually striking video.

For those unfamiliar with Sleater-Kinney, they are an American rock band formed in 1994 in Olympia, Washington. The trio, consisting of Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, and Janet Weiss, have become synonymous with feminist punk rock and have gained a devoted fan base over the years. Their strong lyrics, powerful vocals, and energetic performances have placed them at the forefront of the indie rock scene.

After a four-year hiatus, Sleater-Kinney returned in 2019 with their critically acclaimed album, “The Center Won’t Hold.” Following the release, drummer Janet Weiss departed from the band, leading fans to speculate about the future of Sleater-Kinney. However, the remaining members reassured their supporters that they were already working on new material.

The band took to social media to announce their highly anticipated tenth studio album, titled “Path of Wellness.” Set to be released on June 11th, 2021, the album is expected to showcase a new chapter for the band, exploring their growth and evolution as artists.

To build anticipation for the upcoming album, Sleater-Kinney also shared a music video for the lead single, “Hell.” Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Miranda July, the video perfectly complements Sleater-Kinney’s signature style, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. July not only stars in the video but also brings her unique storytelling approach to the collaboration.

The “Hell” video is a surreal journey through various dream-like sequences, featuring July in different roles within a fictional world. It intertwines elements of nature, technology, and introspection, reflecting both the song’s emotional depth and Sleater-Kinney’s artistic exploration. Miranda July’s collaboration adds a fresh perspective to the band’s visual representation, elevating the overall experience.

With the release of “Hell” and the announcement of their upcoming album, Sleater-Kinney is also set to embark on a North American tour. The tour is expected to kick off on October 9th, 2021, in Spokane, Washington, and will encompass a total of 28 cities, including major music hubs such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

Fans can expect an unforgettable live experience as Sleater-Kinney takes the stage to perform new songs from “Path of Wellness,” as well as their beloved classics that have cemented them as one of indie rock’s most influential bands.

The new album and tour signify a triumphant return for Sleater-Kinney, showcasing their creative spirit and their commitment to pushing boundaries in both their music and visual representations. With the added allure of Miranda July’s contribution to the “Hell” video, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Path of Wellness” and counting down the days until they can witness Sleater-Kinney’s electrifying live performances.

In a time where live music and art have been noticeably absent, Sleater-Kinney’s announcement of their new album and tour brings a glimmer of hope and excitement to both lifelong fans and newcomers to their music. We can certainly expect a powerful and captivating experience from these influential musicians, further solidifying Sleater-Kinney’s legacy in the punk rock genre and beyond.

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