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Moksi’s Solo Journey: Exploring “Moksi Crew” Album, Inspirations, and Artistic Growth

Moksi, the dynamic EDM duo hailing from the Netherlands, has embarked on a new chapter, diving into their solo careers while continuing to collaborate as the powerhouse group they are known to be. In a recent interview, the highly talented artists share their thoughts on their newfound solo endeavors, the inspiration behind their latest album “Moksi Crew,” their artistic growth over the years, and much more.

As Samir and Diego, the two halves of Moksi, have been making waves in the electronic music scene since their formation in 2014, they felt the time was right to explore their individual creative paths. While they continue to work together seamlessly, they value the freedom of pursuing solo projects that allow them to experiment and grow as artists.

Speaking about their recent album, “Moksi Crew,” the duo sheds light on the inspiration behind the project. Moksi explains that they wanted to create an album that truly reflected their diverse musical backgrounds and inspirations, showcasing a melting pot of genres. Drawing influences from a wide range of electronic and urban music, they cement their status as genre-bending pioneers.

Music is an ever-evolving landscape, and we wanted to contribute to that evolution by blending different styles and sounds into an album that has something for everyone,” says Samir. “We have always been influenced by hip-hop, trap, house, and even elements of hardstyle, and we wanted to bring it all together on ‘Moksi Crew.'”

The album’s title, “Moksi Crew,” represents the duo’s core values and their loyal fan base. Moksi believes that their music is a reflection of the inclusive community they have built over the years, incorporating their fans as an integral part of their journey. Their goal is to create a sense of unity and belonging, where everyone can feel like they are part of the Moksi crew.

Artistic growth has been a crucial aspect of Moksi’s journey. Over the years, they have pushed the boundaries and expanded their sonic palette. Diego mentions that they have learned a lot from working with various talented artists, including collaborations with heavyweights like Diplo and DJ Snake. This exposure to different styles and techniques has continuously fueled their creative growth.

“Our sound has evolved significantly since the beginning,” states Diego. “We have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredible artists who have taught us so much about music production and songwriting. This growth is reflected in our latest album and sets the tone for what’s to come.”

The road hasn’t always been smooth for Moksi, and they acknowledge the challenges they have faced along the way. However, they credit their unwavering passion for music and their commitment to their fans as the driving force behind their success. They emphasize the importance of staying true to oneself and remaining authentic in their artistry.

As Moksi boldly steps into their newfound solo chapter, they continue to captivate audiences with their unique blend of genres, infectious energy, and innovative sounds. With “Moksi Crew” serving as a testament to their growth and versatility, fans eagerly await their future projects and the evolution of their solo careers.

In conclusion, Moksi’s recent interview gives us an insight into their journey as they explore their individual creative paths while staying true to their roots. With their album “Moksi Crew” and their dedication to pushing boundaries, the duo proves that they are ready to take the electronic music scene by storm, leaving us excited for what is to come from each artist’s solo endeavors and their combined magic as Moksi.

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