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Monolord Presents ‘Non Grata Revisited’: An Elephant Hawk Stream with Chill Vibes

Swedish doom metal giants, Elephant Hawk, also known as Monolord, are making waves with their recently released single, “Non Grata Revisited.” This track is a reinterpretation of the band’s original song, “Non Grata,” from their critically acclaimed third album, Vænir. The new version showcases the band’s ability to create a contrasting, chilled-out atmosphere while still maintaining their signature heavy sound.

Monolord has gained widespread recognition in the metal scene for their unique blend of stoner rock, sludge metal, and traditional doom elements. With their distinguished wall of sound, characterized by thick, fuzzy guitars, rumbling basslines, and powerful drumming, the band has created an unmistakable sonic identity that fans adore.

“Non Grata Revisited” takes a step back from the typical intensity associated with Monolord’s music, providing a refreshing change of pace. The band effortlessly transitions from their usual heavy distortion to a more melodic and atmospheric sound. This shift showcases their versatility as musicians and highlights their ability to evoke different emotions through their music.

The track begins with a hauntingly melancholic guitar melody, immediately setting a contemplative and introspective tone. It then effortlessly transitions into a slower, yet still markedly heavy riff that is reminiscent of Monolord’s signature sound. The tempo remains steady throughout, maintaining a hypnotic and entrancing quality.

Vocalist and guitarist Thomas Jäger delivers his distinctive deep, gritty vocals, effectively capturing the mood of the song. His lyrics convey a sense of longing and reflect on personal experiences, offering a glimpse into the band’s introspective inner world.

The rhythm section, comprised of bassist Mika Häkki and drummer Esben Willems, truly shines on “Non Grata Revisited.” Häkki’s pulsating basslines add depth and vibrancy to the song, while Willems’ precise and dynamic drumming drives the track forward, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.

Elephant Hawk’s decision to revisit “Non Grata” and give it a new, chilled-out interpretation demonstrates their commitment to their craft. By experimenting with different sonic textures and allowing their music to evolve, Monolord continues to push the boundaries of their own genre while maintaining their distinctive identity.

“Non Grata Revisited” serves as a testament to the band’s talent and ability to innovate within the doom metal genre. With its rich layers of sound and emotionally charged atmosphere, this track is a must-listen for both existing fans and newcomers to the world of Elephant Hawk. As they continue to explore new musical territories, Monolord is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.

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