New Single “Sometimes” Released by Hello June

Premiere: Hello June Shares New Single “Sometimes”

Rising alternative rock band Hello June has just released their latest single, “Sometimes,” and it’s already making waves in the music industry. The track is the first release from their upcoming sophomore album, slated for later this year. With its powerful lyrics and infectious melodies, “Sometimes” showcases Hello June’s growth as a band and their ability to captivate listeners.

The song opens with a gentle guitar riff, immediately drawing you into its atmospheric soundscapes. Frontwoman Sarah Rudy’s ethereal vocals then kick in, intertwining perfectly with the mesmerizing instrumentation. As the song progresses, the intensity builds, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for listeners.

Lyrically, “Sometimes” explores the complexities of relationships and the uncertainties that come with them. Rudy’s poignant and introspective words explore themes of love, vulnerability, and the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies human connection. The lyrics are relatable, touching on the insecurities and doubts we all experience in our own lives, making the song even more impactful.

Hello June’s sound is characterized by a unique blend of indie rock, alternative, and folk influences. This fusion of genres has allowed them to create a distinct and refreshing style that sets them apart from their peers. “Sometimes” is a testament to their growth as musicians, showcasing their ability to create music that is both introspective and incredibly catchy.

The band, consisting of Sarah Rudy (vocals/guitar), Whit Alexander (drums), and Joe Bernardo (bass), has been gaining recognition and critical acclaim with their debut album “In The Works” released in 2018. With “Sometimes,” Hello June continues to solidify their position in the music scene, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Speaking about the track, Sarah Rudy explains, “‘Sometimes’ is about the unpredictability of love and relationships. It delves into the chaos, the vulnerability, and the doubt we experience when we open ourselves up to someone else, unsure of where it will lead. The ups and downs, while daunting, are what make love so beautifully human.”

With their latest offering, Hello June showcases their evolution as musicians and songwriters. The single “Sometimes” is an exciting glimpse into what listeners can expect from their upcoming album, set to release later this year. If this new release is any indication, Hello June is poised for even greater success and recognition in the music industry.

In conclusion, Hello June’s new single “Sometimes” is a testament to the band’s growth and musical prowess. With its captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, the track has all the qualities of a hit song. Hello June has truly created something special with “Sometimes,” and fans of alternative rock and indie music are sure to appreciate their unique sound.

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