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New Song by Helena Deland, “Strawberry Moon,” Receives Video Release

Helena Deland, the Montreal-based singer-songwriter, has released a mesmerizing new music video for her latest single, “Strawberry Moon.” Directed by Francesca Tamse, the video highlights Deland’s captivating vocals and introspective songwriting.

“Strawberry Moon” is the first single from Deland’s highly anticipated debut album, “Someone New,” set to release on October 16th. The song showcases the artist’s unique blend of dream pop, indie folk, and lo-fi elements, creating an ethereal and enchanting musical experience.

The video for “Strawberry Moon” perfectly complements the song’s enchanting atmosphere. Shot in black and white, it captures Deland immersed in nature, surrounded by lush greenery, and bathed in the ethereal glow of moonlight. The minimalist aesthetic of the video allows the focus to remain on Deland’s soulful vocals and poetic lyrics.

The lyrics of “Strawberry Moon” delve into themes of self-discovery and the desire to break free from societal expectations. Deland’s introspective songwriting shines through as she pens lines like, “Strawberry moon / Illuminate my mind / Lead me through the mess I’ve made / Help me see clearly now.”

Through her evocative lyrics, Deland invites the listener on a journey of self-reflection, exploring themes of identity and personal growth. Her vulnerable and emotive vocal delivery resonates with authenticity, further enhancing the emotional depth of the song.

Helena Deland has been garnering considerable attention in recent years, thanks to her introspective songwriting and distinctive musical style. The artist has released a series of EPs, including “Drawing Room” and “Altogether Unaccompanied,” which received critical acclaim for their poetic lyrics and captivating melodies.

With the release of “Strawberry Moon” and her upcoming debut album, Deland is poised to make an even bigger mark on the indie music scene. Her ability to blend genres effortlessly, coupled with her poignant storytelling, sets her apart as a unique and engaging artist.

Deland’s music has been described as mesmerizing and otherworldly, with comparisons drawn to the likes of Weyes Blood and Angel Olsen. Her songs often delve into emotional landscapes, exploring themes of intimacy and vulnerability. With her introspective lyrics and evocative melodies, Deland has the remarkable ability to evoke deeply personal feelings within her listeners.

“Strawberry Moon” is a testament to Deland’s artistic growth and maturation. The song showcases her ability to create a sonic landscape that is both captivating and thought-provoking. As she continues to push boundaries and challenge genre norms, it is clear that Helena Deland is an artist to watch.

The release of the music video for “Strawberry Moon” further solidifies Deland’s reputation as a creative force to be reckoned with. The stunning visuals paired with her haunting vocals create a truly spellbinding experience. As she prepares to release her debut album, “Someone New,” it’s safe to say that Helena Deland is on the brink of something truly special.

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