Pendulum Unveils “ANIMA” EP with Two Thrilling Heavy Metal Collaborations

After keeping fans on their toes with hints and teasers, Pendulum has finally unveiled their highly anticipated new EP titled “ANIMA.” The Australian electronic rock duo, consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, has taken their signature sound to a whole new level by incorporating heavy metal elements into their music. The EP features two massive crossovers with renowned heavy metal artists, instantly captivating both Pendulum and metal fans alike.

The first heavy metal collaboration on the EP is with Swedish metal giants In Flames. The track, titled “Nothing for Free,” seamlessly blends Pendulum’s electrifying beats with In Flames’ aggressive and melodic metal sound. The result is a truly unique and powerful combination that showcases the strengths of both genres. The track perfectly captures the energy and intensity that both Pendulum and In Flames are known for, leaving listeners craving for more.

The second crossover on the EP features the English metalcore band, Enter Shikari. Titled “Ride Like the Wind,” this track takes Pendulum’s explosive electronic elements and combines them with Enter Shikari’s raw and emotional metalcore style. The collaboration is a match made in heaven, as both bands share a common goal of pushing musical boundaries. “Ride Like the Wind” is a rollercoaster of emotions, taking the listener on a thrilling journey filled with heavy breakdowns, soaring melodies, and powerful vocals.

Pendulum’s decision to incorporate heavy metal into their music is a bold move that pays off in every aspect. By merging their electronic rock sound with the raw power of heavy metal, they have created a sound that is fresh, exciting, and simply unapologetic. The EP showcases their ability to adapt and evolve, breaking free from any artistic boundaries they might have had in the past.

“ANIMA” is a testament to Pendulum’s innovation and musical prowess. It proves that their musical journey has no limits, as they continue to explore new genres and collaborate with artists from different backgrounds. The EP serves as a reminder that music is a powerful medium that allows for endless possibilities and creativity.

In addition to the heavy metal crossovers, “ANIMA” also features three original tracks that further showcase Pendulum’s unique sound. Tracks like “Driver” and “Nothing for Free” are high-energy anthems that are guaranteed to get crowds jumping at live shows, while “Fallout” takes a darker and more atmospheric approach.

Overall, Pendulum’s “ANIMA” EP is a thrilling and captivating release that brings electronic rock and heavy metal together in a way that has never been done before. With their daring crossovers and infectious energy, Pendulum has once again proven that they are leaders in the electronic rock scene. This EP is a must-listen for fans of both Pendulum and heavy metal, as it offers a fresh perspective and showcases the power that music has to unite different genres and audiences.

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