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Pitchfork Reports on Strange Ranger’s Sudden Split

Title: Strange Ranger’s Bittersweet Farewell: An Unforeseen Breakup with Lingering Melodies


In the ever-evolving landscape of indie music, bands come and go, leaving their mark through their unique sound and the emotions they evoke. One such group that recently bid adieu to their fans is Strange Ranger, formerly known as Sioux Falls. The news of their disbandment took many by surprise, triggering waves of sadness and nostalgic reflections on the magic they brought to listeners. As we commemorate their journey, let’s explore the reasons behind Strange Ranger’s breakup and celebrate the sonic legacy they leave behind.

A Promising Musical Odyssey:

Formed in 2014 in Montana, Strange Ranger quickly found their place in the hearts of indie enthusiasts with their distinct blend of shoegaze, indie rock, and punk influences. Their music, characterized by introspective lyrics, haunting melodies, and intricate instrumentations, resonated deeply with fans, earning them critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

The Surprise Goodbye:

On the 7th of July, 2022, the band made the heart-wrenching announcement of their breakup via their social media channels. In their statement, they thanked fans for their unwavering support, expressing gratitude for the unforgettable journey they had shared together. While not delving into explicit reasons for the split, the members expressed a desire to pursue new creative endeavors and personal growth.

An Enlightening Growth:

Strange Ranger’s music has always been defined by a profound sense of self-discovery and growth. With every album, they showcased a willingness to experiment with new sounds and lyrical themes. From their critically acclaimed debut “Rot Forever” to their latest release, “Remembering the Rockets,” the band evolved their sound while maintaining an emotional depth that made them stand out.

Leaving a Lasting Mark:

Strange Ranger’s legacy extends far beyond their brief existence. Their music captured raw emotions and inner conflicts, touching listeners in profound ways. Songs like “House Show”, “Leona”, and “Message to You” exhibited a delicate balance between introspection and relatability, as they explored themes of youth, nostalgia, and coming to terms with life’s uncertainties.

Pitchfork Praising their Journey:

Pitchfork, the influential music publication, also chronicled the band’s progression over the years, with the writer Jenn Pelly acknowledging their musical growth and the tender vulnerability intertwined within their lyrics. Strange Ranger’s music was hailed as an emotional journey that stripped away facades and resonated with a generation searching for authenticity.

Reflecting on the Impact:

The breakup of Strange Ranger is a poignant reminder of the impermanence of art and the ever-shifting nature of creative pursuits. As we bid adieu to this talented group, we are left with a melodic tapestry and a profound appreciation for the brief glimpse of joy they provided.

In moments like this, it’s essential to remember that even though the band may be gone, the music remains eternal. Strange Ranger’s melodies will continue to be a solace to those seeking solace, a companion for those navigating the complexities of life.


Strange Ranger’s unplanned farewell closes a captivating chapter in the world of indie music, but their impact will long be remembered. Through their sonic creations, they ingrained themselves in the hearts of their fans, leaving behind a bittersweet legacy that will continue to inspire future musicians and touch the souls of countless listeners. As we say goodbye to this talented group, we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for the individual members and the musical wonders they will undoubtedly share in the future.

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