Pitchfork Selects Playlist: Featuring Armand Hammer, Jorja Smith, Animal Collective, and More

Every week, Pitchfork curates a unique playlist called “Pitchfork Selects” that features a diverse array of music from both emerging and established artists. This week’s playlist is no exception, showcasing the talents of Armand Hammer, Jorja Smith, Animal Collective, and many more. Let’s dive into the sonic exploration provided by these artists.

Armand Hammer, consisting of rap duo Billy Woods and Elucid, is known for their introspective and socially conscious lyrics. Their contribution to the playlist is no different. “Black Ark” from their latest album “Haram” is a powerful track that delves into the complexities of race, identity, and the underlying struggles faced by marginalized communities. Their unique flow and thought-provoking themes make them a standout act in the hip-hop scene.

Jorja Smith, the British R&B artist, blesses us with her stunning vocals on “By Any Means.” This track, originally released as part of the soundtrack for “Black Lives Matter,” resonates deeply with its poignant lyrics about the fight for justice and equality. Smith’s soulful voice is hauntingly beautiful, and the emotive quality she brings to her music makes her one of the most captivating contemporary R&B artists.

Animal Collective, an experimental pop group, has been pushing boundaries for over two decades. Their contribution to the playlist, “Hair Cutter,” is a testament to their innovative approach to music. Building on dreamy melodies and intricate layers of instrumentation, they create a sonic landscape that is both ethereal and mesmerizing. Animal Collective continues to challenge conventional musical norms, and their inclusion in Pitchfork Selects is a nod to their enduring influence.

In addition to these standout tracks, the playlist offers a plethora of other musical gems. “U Make Me Very Happy” by Pamcy is a delightful lo-fi pop song with infectious energy that will leave listeners with a smile on their faces. “Whole New Mess” by Angel Olsen is a hauntingly stripped-down ballad that showcases her impeccable songwriting and emotionally charged vocals. And “Serotonin II” from Yeek combines elements of indie rock, hip-hop, and pop to create a genre-bending track that defies categorization.

Pitchfork Selects continues to be a platform for discovering cutting-edge music across various genres. Whether you’re a long-time fan of these artists or encountering them for the first time, this playlist provides an excellent window into their creative minds and distinctive soundscapes. So sit back, press play, and let the melodies of Armand Hammer, Jorja Smith, Animal Collective, and many others take you on a musical journey of discovery.

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