PLINI Collaborates with TOSIN ABASI on New Single ‘Still Life’

Australian instrumental prog guitarist PLINI has recruited Animals as Leaders’ Tosin Abasi for his latest single “Still Life.” The track, released on August 6th, 2021, is a fusion of both artists’ distinct styles, showcasing their exceptional guitar skills and innovative approach to music.

PLINI, known for his intricate and melodic guitar work, has been making waves in the progressive rock and metal scene since the release of his debut album “Handmade Cities” in 2016. His music is characterized by complex compositions, harmonious melodies, and a blend of different musical influences, ranging from jazz and fusion to metal and ambient.

On the other hand, Tosin Abasi is a master of Djent and progressive metal, renowned for his groundbreaking techniques and unorthodox playing style. As the lead guitarist of Animals as Leaders, Abasi has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the guitar, with his innovative use of extended-range instruments and exceptional virtuosity.

“Still Life” sees the two guitar virtuosos come together to create a mesmerizing and sonically rich piece of music. The track opens with a hauntingly beautiful guitar melody, which is soon joined by a pulsating rhythm section, adding depth and intensity to the composition. The song progresses into a series of intricate and harmonically rich passages, showcasing the technical prowess of both PLINI and Abasi.

The collaboration between these two exceptional musicians is a true meeting of the minds, as they seamlessly blend their individual styles and influences to create a cohesive and captivating musical experience. The result is a piece of music that is both technically impressive and emotionally stirring, with each note and phrase meticulously crafted to create a deeply immersive listening experience.

In addition to the release of “Still Life,” PLINI and Tosin Abasi have also announced a joint North American tour this fall, which is set to kick off in September and will see the two guitarists performing their new single along with other material from their respective catalogs.

“Still Life” stands as a shining example of the limitless potential of instrumental music and a testament to the creative synergy that exists between PLINI and Tosin Abasi. The track’s intricate and emotive composition, combined with the exceptional skill and musicality of the two guitarists, is a testament to their status as two of the most innovative and exciting musicians in the progressive rock and metal scene today.

With the release of “Still Life” and the upcoming tour, PLINI and Tosin Abasi are set to captivate audiences with their groundbreaking music and awe-inspiring performances, solidifying their positions as trailblazers in the world of instrumental music.

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