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Podcast Delves into 30 Years of Last Splash and Beyond with The Breeders

In the world of alternative rock, few bands have made a lasting impact quite like The Breeders. Formed in 1989 by Pixies’ bassist Kim Deal and Throwing Muses’ guitarist Tanya Donelly, The Breeders quickly gained attention with their unique sound and catchy hooks. This year marks the 30th anniversary of their breakthrough album, “Last Splash,” and to celebrate the milestone, the band has launched a new podcast that takes listeners on a journey through their illustrious career.

The 10-episode podcast, entitled “The Breeders – Last Splash at 30,” explores the making of the iconic album, featuring interviews with all the band members, as well as producers and engineers who worked on the project. Hosted by Deal herself, the podcast offers an intimate look into the creation of “Last Splash” and the band’s early years.

“Last Splash” was released in 1993 and quickly attained critical acclaim, becoming an instant classic of the alternative rock genre. The album’s lead single, “Cannonball,” propelled the band into the mainstream, earning them widespread recognition and a dedicated fanbase. With its infectious chorus and irresistible hooks, the song perfectly encapsulates the band’s knack for crafting memorable indie-rock anthems.

Throughout the podcast, listeners will get to hear behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the recording process, including the challenges and triumphs that the band experienced along the way. Kim Deal’s warm and inviting hosting style makes it feel as though you’re sitting down with old friends, reminiscing about the good old days in a cozy living room.

Aside from delving into the creation of “Last Splash,” the podcast also touches upon the band members’ musical influences, their experiences on the road, and the impact they’ve had on subsequent generations of musicians. The diverse range of interviewees offers a comprehensive perspective on The Breeders’ legacy, making it a must-listen for fans and rock enthusiasts alike.

But the podcast isn’t just a trip down memory lane; it also sheds light on The Breeders’ recent activities. Since the release of “Last Splash,” the band has continued to produce music, releasing several albums, including “Title TK” (2002), “Mountain Battles” (2008), and “All Nerve” (2018). The podcast provides updates on these projects, giving listeners an insight into the band’s evolution over the years.

For those who may be unfamiliar with The Breeders, the podcast serves as an excellent introduction to their music and offers an introduction to their discography. Songs from the band’s other albums are woven seamlessly throughout the episodes, offering a well-rounded listening experience that leaves you craving more.

Overall, “The Breeders – Last Splash at 30” is a delightful podcast that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this influential band. With its engaging content and personal touch, the podcast allows fans to connect with The Breeders on a deeper level while also appealing to new listeners who are curious about their music. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate 30 years of “Last Splash” and discover or rediscover the magic that made The Breeders such an integral part of the alternative rock scene.

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