Recommended Listening: 9 Fresh Albums by Sampha, Blink-182, and Others

Music lovers rejoice, for 2020 has brought us a plethora of new and exciting albums across various genres. From the sleek R&B sounds of Sampha, to the punk-pop anthems of Blink-182, there is something for everyone. Here are nine new albums that you absolutely need to listen to right now.

1. Sampha – “Process”:
After capturing our hearts with his guest appearances on tracks by Drake, Kanye West, and Solange, Sampha has finally released his highly anticipated debut album. “Process” is an intimate and emotionally charged collection of tracks that showcase his intricate songwriting skills and soulful voice. Tracks like “Blood On Me” and “No One Knows Me (Like the Piano)” will leave you in awe.

2. Blink-182 – “Nine”:
A staple in the pop-punk scene, Blink-182 returns with their ninth studio album aptly titled “Nine.” This record sees the band experimenting with different sounds while staying true to their catchy, anthemic style. Songs like “Darkside” and “Happy Days” are infectious, leaving you wanting to sing along at the top of your lungs.

3. HAIM – “Women in Music Pt. III”:
HAIM’s third studio album is a triumph, blending their signature pop-rock sound with elements of R&B and folk. “Women in Music Pt. III” is a deeply personal record that tackles topics like mental health and self-discovery. Tracks like “The Steps” and “Now I’m In It” will have you dancing while still pondering their profound lyrics.

4. Dua Lipa – “Future Nostalgia”:
British pop sensation Dua Lipa delivers a stunning sophomore album with “Future Nostalgia.” This record pays homage to the electronic pop sounds of the 80s and 90s while adding her modern touch. Tracks like the self-assured anthem “Don’t Start Now” and the infectious title track will have you grooving from start to finish.

5. Taylor Swift – “folklore”:
For her eighth studio album, Taylor Swift takes a departure from her typical pop sound and explores the realm of indie folk. “folklore” is an introspective and contemplative album that showcases Swift’s storytelling abilities. The hauntingly beautiful tracks, including “exile” featuring Bon Iver, make this album a must-listen.

6. The Weeknd – “After Hours”:
The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, “After Hours,” is a masterclass in blending R&B with synth-pop and new wave influences. The record is a dark and introspective journey that explores themes of heartbreak, fame, and loneliness. Tracks like “Blinding Lights” and “In Your Eyes” are infectious and will have you dancing despite the melancholic undertones.

7. Fiona Apple – “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”:
After an eight-year hiatus, Fiona Apple returns with “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” – an album that defies categorization. This stunning record is raw, experimental, and full of unexpected sounds. Apple’s bold lyricism and unique voice shine through tracks like “Shameika” and “I Want You to Love Me.”

8. Mac Miller – “Circles”:
“Circles” serves as a posthumous farewell from the late rapper Mac Miller. This introspective and emotionally charged album was completed by producer Jon Brion after Miller’s passing, creating a seamless blend of rap, jazz, and psychedelic influences. Tracks like “Good News” and “Woods” are a beautiful testament to Miller’s talent and growth as an artist.

9. Phoebe Bridgers – “Punisher”:
Phoebe Bridgers delivers a beautifully melancholic sophomore album with “Punisher.” Her delicate voice and introspective lyrics shine through tracks like “Kyoto” and “Garden Song,” creating an emotional journey for the listeners. Bridgers masterfully combines indie folk and indie rock to create a hauntingly beautiful record.

So, whether you’re in the mood for some soulful R&B, infectious pop-punk, or introspective indie folk, these new albums have got you covered. Take the time to explore these diverse and exciting releases. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite artist.

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