Review: Devendra Banhart’s “Flying Wig” Shines on Mexican Summer Label

Devendra Banhart, the wildly eclectic and enigmatic singer-songwriter, is back with his latest offering, “Flying Wig” on Mexican Summer. Known for his innovative fusion of folk, rock, and world music, Banhart has once again pushed the boundaries of genre, resulting in a record that is simultaneously dreamy and daring.

“Flying Wig” opens with the ethereal and hypnotic track, “In Reverie.” Banhart’s distinctive falsetto glides effortlessly over a lush acoustic guitar backdrop, creating a sense of otherworldly calmness. The song sets the mood for what is to come, inviting listeners into Banhart’s mystical universe.

The album’s standout track, “Nowhere,” sees Banhart experimenting with psychedelic rock elements. It’s a high-energy tune, driven by a pulsating bassline and a groovy drumbeat that immediately grabs attention. Banhart’s lyrics paint vivid pictures of a world spiraling out of control, a timely reflection of the chaotic times we live in.

One of the greatest strengths of “Flying Wig” lies in Banhart’s ability to seamlessly shift between musical styles. In tracks like “Whistle Song,” he effortlessly transitions from a gentle folk melody to a Latin-inspired dance rhythm, showcasing his versatility as an artist. The eclectic nature of the album gives it a sense of constant surprise and keeps listeners engaged throughout.

Banhart’s lyrical prowess is also on full display in “Flying Wig.” His profound introspection and poetic storytelling create a deeply personal and relatable experience for listeners. Whether he is singing about love, spirituality, or social issues, his words always strike a chord, leaving a lasting impact.

Production-wise, “Flying Wig” is a sonic delight. The album’s layers of instrumentation, from the intricate guitar melodies to the delicate piano flourishes, create a rich sonic tapestry that feels both intimate and expansive. The lush production elevates Banhart’s already stellar songwriting, making each track feel like a sonic universe of its own.

While “Flying Wig” is certainly a unique and captivating experience, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Banhart’s unconventional vocal style and unconventional song structures might be an acquired taste for some listeners. However, for those open to exploration and willing to embrace Banhart’s musical journey, “Flying Wig” is an enchanting and rewarding listen.

In conclusion, with “Flying Wig,” Devendra Banhart once again proves why he is considered one of the most innovative and daring artists of his generation. The album is a testament to his creativity and his ability to push the boundaries of genre. From start to finish, “Flying Wig” is a captivating and atmospheric journey that showcases Banhart’s unique vision and musical brilliance. So, strap on your metaphorical wings and take flight with Devendra Banhart, as you journey through his mesmerizing sonic landscape.

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