Review of the 1982 SODOM album

SODOM, a German thrash metal band formed in 1981, released their debut album in 1986 titled “Obsessed by Cruelty,” but before that, they released a demo album in 1982 simply called “SODOM 1982.”

The album was a raw and aggressive display of the band’s early sound, showcasing their trademark thrash metal style that would go on to influence countless bands in the years to come. The album consisted of seven tracks that were a mix of original compositions and covers of classic metal songs.

The opening track, “Witchhammer,” set the tone for the album with its blistering guitar riffs and pounding drums. The band’s frontman, Tom Angelripper, brought his signature snarling vocals to the forefront, delivering his lyrics with a ferocity that would become a trademark of SODOM’s sound.

One of the highlights of the album was the cover of the classic metal track “Iron Fist” by Motörhead. SODOM brought their own unique energy to the song, infusing it with their own thrash metal style while still paying homage to the original.

The production quality of “SODOM 1982” was understandably rough, given that it was a demo release. The raw and unpolished sound only added to the album’s charm, giving it an authentic and underground feel that resonated with fans of the burgeoning thrash metal genre.

While “SODOM 1982” may not have received widespread attention at the time of its release, it is a valuable piece of the band’s history and a crucial document of the early days of German thrash metal. The album’s raw energy and unrelenting aggression served as a blueprint for countless bands that would follow in SODOM’s footsteps.

In retrospect, “SODOM 1982” remains a vital piece of the band’s discography, showcasing their roots and laying the groundwork for the influential career that would follow. Fans of thrash metal and collectors of underground metal releases would do well to seek out this early gem from SODOM.

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