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SENTINELS Introduces New Vocalist and Premieres “Glitch”

SENTINELS, the American progressive metal band, has recently announced its new vocalist, marking an exciting chapter in the group’s history. With the departure of their previous singer and co-founder, the band was eager to find a new frontman who could not only match their musicality but also take their sound to new heights. After a long and rigorous search, they found their match in Kris Lanzon.

Lanzon impressively displays his versatility as a vocalist, seamlessly blending harsh and clean vocals, while also showcasing a commanding stage presence. His addition to the lineup brings a fresh energy and a renewed sense of creativity to SENTINELS. The band members believe that Lanzon’s unique vocal style perfectly aligns with the band’s musical vision, creating a perfect match.

To celebrate this new era, SENTINELS have also released a brand-new song, “Glitch,” featuring Lanzon’s powerful vocals. “Glitch” is a relentless onslaught of progressive metal, combining intricate instrumentals with explosive energy. Lanzon’s vocal range shines throughout the track, effortlessly transitioning between visceral screams and soaring melodies, showcasing his impressive versatility and adding new dimensions to SENTINELS’ sound.

The lyrics of “Glitch” tackle the theme of self-doubt and the struggle to overcome personal barriers. With introspective lines such as “Devil in my head, is it just a trick? Consistent fear and doubts feeding into this glitch,” the song creates a relatable and introspective narrative that listeners can find solace in.

SENTINELS have always been known for their technical prowess and complex song structures, and the addition of Lanzon only amplifies this strength. The band’s sound remains as tight as ever, with their instrumentalists delivering intricate and dynamic compositions that weave seamlessly through different moods and atmospheres.

The release of “Glitch” has given fans a taste of the band’s forthcoming album, set to release later this year. Fans of SENTINELS can expect a plethora of hard-hitting tracks that explore themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the human condition, all delivered with the technicality and ferocity the band is known for.

This exciting new chapter for SENTINELS not only adds a fresh perspective to their music but also increases anticipation for what lies ahead. With their new vocalist, Kris Lanzon, the band is poised to explore new musical territories while staying true to their progressive metal roots. “Glitch” is just a glimpse into the sonic landscape SENTINELS is poised to create, and fans can eagerly anticipate the full album release.

As the band moves forward with Kris Lanzon at the helm, SENTINELS is set to take the progressive metal scene by storm, pushing boundaries and captivating audiences with their signature sound. The future looks brighter than ever for this talented group, and it’s safe to say that they are only just getting started.

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