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September 2023 Unveils the Finest Hidden Gems in Metal


As we step into September 2023, the world of underground metal continues to thrive, with an abundance of exciting and fresh releases from talented and emerging bands. From scorching black metal to intricate progressive sounds, this month’s selection offers a diverse array of music that truly represents the vastness and creativity within the metal genre. Here, we explore some of the best underground metal releases of September 2023 that should not be missed.

1. “Abyssal Descent” by Shadowland: Hailing from the depths of Sweden, Shadowland delivers an intense and captivating black metal experience with their debut album, “Abyssal Descent.” With haunting melodies, blistering guitar work, and relentless speed, this record showcases their mastery of the genre and places them firmly in the realm of the underground’s finest black metal acts.

2. “Metropolis of Machines” by Cybertech: Blending futuristic aesthetics with a modern take on classic progressive metal, Cybertech’s “Metropolis of Machines” offers an otherworldly journey through complex compositions and thought-provoking lyrics. With mesmerizing synths, intricate guitar solos, and powerful vocals, this album brings a refreshing twist to the progressive metal scene.

3. “Ritualistic Reverberations” by Serpent’s Breath: Dive into the abyss of occult doom metal with Serpent’s Breath and their latest album, “Ritualistic Reverberations.” With crushing riffs, thunderous drums, and hauntingly atmospheric passages, this release transports listeners into a realm of darkness and mysticism. Fans of bands like Electric Wizard and Sleep will find solace in this doom-laden masterpiece.

4. “Beyond the Veil” by Ethereal Void: Ethereal Void’s “Beyond the Veil” takes us on a cosmic journey with its atmospheric black metal soundscapes. Ethereal and haunting, this record combines ethereal melodies, intricate guitar work, and relentless blast beats to create an immersive experience that transports listeners to a distant and mythical universe.

5. “The Sorrow Within” by Asphyxia: Prepare for an onslaught of relentless death metal brutality with Asphyxia’s “The Sorrow Within.” Through bone-crushing riffs, pummeling drums, and guttural vocals, this album delivers an unrelenting sonic assault. Fans of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation will find this release satisfyingly heavy.

6. “Whispers of the Forgotten” by Empyreal Dreams: Empyreal Dreams’ “Whispers of the Forgotten” brings a touch of symphonic grace to the underground metal scene. Combining melodic death metal elements with symphonic arrangements, this record offers a captivating blend of aggression and beauty. With powerful vocals, rich orchestrations, and blistering guitar work, this album is a standout in the melodic death metal genre.

The underground metal scene continues to provide a fertile ground for experimentation, innovation, and raw talent. The releases mentioned above are just a fraction of the incredible music that September 2023 has brought to metal enthusiasts worldwide. As we eagerly await what the next month has in store, let us embrace the underground, supporting and celebrating the artists who continue to push the boundaries of metal and keep the spirit of the genre alive. Stay tuned for more hidden gems and sonic adventures that lie ahead!


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