“TESSERACT” Tour: Subtronics Teams Up with Wooli, Hedex, and More

Subtronics, the bass music maestro, is set to embark on his highly-anticipated “TESSERACT” tour, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled. Known for his hard-hitting beats and mind-melting drops, Subtronics has risen to become one of dubstep’s most prominent artists. Now, he’s taking his talents on the road and bringing along some incredible support acts, including Wooli, Hedex, and more. This tour promises to be a wild ride filled with electrifying energy and bone-rattling bass.

The “TESSERACT” tour is named after Subtronics’ latest EP, which was released in late 2020. The EP features four tracks, each showcasing Subtronics’ signature heavy sound. With his innovative approach to dubstep and ever-evolving production skills, Subtronics has garnered a massive fan base that spans across the globe. His ability to push boundaries and create unique sonic experiences has set him apart from his peers and continues to solidify his place in the bass music scene.

Joining Subtronics on the tour is none other than Wooli, the bass music prodigy who has been making massive waves in recent years. Known for his seamless fusion of melodic dubstep and heavy bass, Wooli has quickly become a fan favorite. His impressive production skills and energetic stage presence make him the perfect complement to Subtronics’ style. Together, these two powerhouses are sure to deliver jaw-dropping performances that will leave audiences in awe.

Hedex, another rising star in the bass music world, will also be joining Subtronics and Wooli on tour. Known for his high-energy drum and bass sets, Hedex’s exhilarating performances are guaranteed to get crowds moving. With his infectious energy behind the decks, Hedex is set to inject some serious adrenaline into the tour.

But the support doesn’t stop there. The “TESSERACT” tour will also feature a rotating lineup of special guests varying from city to city. Subtronics is known for curating diverse lineups, ensuring that each show offers a unique experience for attendees. With surprise guest appearances sprinkled throughout the tour, fans can expect the unexpected at every turn.

The tour will kick off in early 2022, with shows scheduled in various cities across North America. Each venue will be transformed into Subtronics’ immersive bass wonderland, complete with mesmerizing visuals and mind-bending production. Fans can anticipate an audiovisual experience like no other, where pounding basslines reverberate through every fiber of their being.

Subtronics’ announcement of the “TESSERACT” tour has generated an incredible amount of buzz within the bass music community. Fans have been eagerly waiting for live music to make its grand return, and the opportunity to see Subtronics, alongside an exceptional lineup of supporting acts, has only fueled that anticipation.

Tickets for the “TESSERACT” tour are selling fast, reflecting the immense demand for a night filled with groundbreaking bass music. The tour is expected to sell out in many cities, so fans are encouraged to secure their tickets as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this unforgettable experience.

Subtronics’ “TESSERACT” tour, with support from Wooli, Hedex, and more, promises to be a game-changer in the world of bass music. With an all-star lineup and mind-blowing production, this tour is set to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to attend. Prepare yourself for an auditory rollercoaster and get ready to witness the future sounds of bass at its finest.

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