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Thrill Jockey Welcomes Claire Rousay, Unveils Fall Tour Plan

Thrill Jockey, the renowned independent record label, has recently announced their exciting collaboration with multifaceted musician and percussionist Claire Rousay. With this partnership comes the news of Rousay’s upcoming fall tour, much to the delight of her growing fanbase and music enthusiasts around the world.

Claire Rousay is an emerging force in contemporary experimental music. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, her intriguing compositions explore the boundaries of sound while incorporating elements of improvisation, field recording, and unconventional instrument usage. Her creative approach and unique perspective have captivated listeners and garnered critical acclaim, making her an artist to watch.

Thrill Jockey, known for its commitment to fostering innovative and boundary-pushing artists, recognized Rousay’s exceptional talent and saw great potential in her music. Signing on to the label, Rousay joins a roster of legendary acts such as Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, and Lightning Bolt. Thrill Jockey’s partnership with Rousay will undoubtedly provide her with a platform to reach wider audiences while maintaining her distinct artistic vision.

In addition to the record deal, Rousay has announced an upcoming fall tour that promises to be a remarkable aural experience for all attendees. Kicking off in September, the tour will traverse various cities across the United States, showcasing Rousay’s performance prowess and experimental soundscapes in intimate venues. This tour presents a fantastic opportunity for fans to witness Rousay’s sonic explorations live, as well as for new listeners to discover the depth and complexity of her music.

Rousay’s live performances are known for their intensity and immersive nature. With her assemblage of percussion instruments, field recordings, and found objects, she constructs sonic landscapes that resonate deeply with audiences. By pushing the boundaries of conventional musicality and embracing the unexpected, Rousay creates an atmosphere that is both ethereal and disorienting, encouraging listeners to delve into their own sonic journeys.

The fall tour will surely be a catalyst for Rousay’s rising trajectory in the music industry. As she continues to captivate listeners with her innovative compositions and performances, the partnership with Thrill Jockey will open the doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and creative exploration. Rousay’s distinctive musical voice is adored by many, and this collaboration will undoubtedly amplify her reach and impact.

Claire Rousay’s signing to Thrill Jockey and her subsequent fall tour is excellent news for fans of avant-garde and experimental music. As she ignites stages across the country, Rousay will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to witness her captivating live performances. With her boundless creativity and the support of Thrill Jockey, there are surely exciting times ahead for this talented artist, and the anticipation for what’s next is palpable.

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