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Today’s New Releases: HELMET, MIKE MANGINI, and More – 11/10

Today is a big day for fans of rock and metal, as several new releases from some of the genre’s most revered artists are hitting the shelves. Here’s a look at some of the most anticipated new releases from today:


Helmet, the influential alternative metal band known for their heavy riffs and aggressive sound, is back with their new album “SILVERLINING”. This is the band’s first album since 2016’s “Dead to the World”, and fans can expect the same hard-hitting sound that they’ve come to love from Helmet.

Mike Mangini – “MMXXI”

Renowned drummer Mike Mangini, best known for his work with progressive metal band Dream Theater, is releasing his new solo album “MMXXI” today. The album showcases Mangini’s incredible technical skill and versatility, and is sure to be a must-listen for fans of virtuosic drumming.

Other notable releases out today include:

– The Quill – “Earthrise”
– Attic Theory – “The Sign of a Sealed Fate”
– Diablo Swing Orchestra – “Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole”

These new releases are sure to please fans of heavy music, and provide a welcome dose of new material from some of the genre’s most talented artists. Whether you’re a fan of Helmet’s crunching guitar riffs, Mike Mangini’s mind-bending drumming, or any of the other talented artists releasing new music today, there’s something for everyone in today’s new releases.

So, if you’re a fan of rock and metal music, be sure to check out these new releases today. With new albums from Helmet, Mike Mangini, and more, there’s plenty of new music to sink your teeth into. Whether you’re looking for heavy riffs, complex drumming, or something in between, today’s new releases have something for everyone. Happy listening!

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