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Today’s New Releases Include SUFFOCATION, SPIRITBOX, and More – November 3rd

New music is always something to get excited about, and today, November 3rd, is no exception. Several highly anticipated albums and singles are dropping, including new releases from death metal legends Suffocation, the Canadian metalcore band Spiritbox, and many more. Music enthusiasts are in for a treat as they delve into these new offerings, ready to discover their next favorite tunes.

Suffocation, one of the leading bands in the death metal genre, is back with a vengeance. Their latest album, “Live in North America,” captures the raw energy and intensity that Suffocation is known for. The album features live recordings from their most recent tour, showcasing the band’s incredible stage presence and musicianship. Fans of brutal riffs, punishing drumming, and guttural vocals will find themselves headbanging along to the standout tracks on this new release.

Meanwhile, Spiritbox is making waves in the metalcore scene with their debut full-length album, “Eternal Blue.” This Canadian trio has been gaining momentum over the past few years, garnering attention with their unique blend of heavy breakdowns, soaring melodies, and hauntingly beautiful vocals. “Eternal Blue” is a culmination of their hard work and showcases their growth as songwriters and performers. With infectiously catchy tracks like “Holy Roller” and “Constance,” Spiritbox is sure to win over metalcore fans worldwide.

In addition to these heavy hitters, there are plenty of other exciting releases to sink your teeth into. Acclaimed British alternative rock band Architects are back with a new single, “Dead Butterflies,” paving the way for their highly anticipated ninth studio album. Progressive metalcore outfit ERRA has also unveiled their latest record, “Sculptor,” which promises to showcase their intricate musicianship and thought-provoking lyrics. And for those in the mood for some atmospheric black metal, the French band Seth is releasing “La Morsure du Christ,” an album that delves into themes of faith, spirituality, and rebellion.

It’s always thrilling to discover new music or follow the growth of beloved bands. With today’s releases from Suffocation, Spiritbox, Architects, ERRA, Seth, and more, there is surely something for every metal and rock enthusiast. These artists are pushing boundaries, exploring new sonic territories, and showing why the heavy music scene continues to thrive.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Suffocation, eager to mosh along to Spiritbox’s latest tracks, or simply looking for exciting new music to explore, November 3rd is shaping up to be a memorable day for the metal and rock community. So crank up the volume, immerse yourself in these new releases, and let the music take you on a journey of headbanging intensity and soul-stirring melodies.

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