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NO CURE, MORBID VISIONZ, and PRIMITIVE RAGE have recently announced a series of US tour dates that are set to kick off later this year. With these three bands combining forces, fans are in for a night filled with hardcore music, intense energy, and an unforgettable experience.

NO CURE, a prominent hardcore punk band, has been making waves in the underground scene for years. Known for their raw and aggressive sound, they have gained a loyal following of fans who embrace the band’s relentless and unapologetic approach. With their blistering live performances, NO CURE has become renowned for delivering a high-intensity show that leaves audiences craving more.

MORBID VISIONZ, a death metal powerhouse, brings a distinct blend of technicality and brutality to the table. With their crushing riffs, thunderous drumming, and guttural vocals, the band has solidified themselves as one of the most exciting acts in the genre. Fans can expect a ferocious and chaotic live performance that will leave them in awe of the band’s immense talent and sheer power.

PRIMITIVE RAGE, a band known for their unique blend of groove metal and hardcore punk, is set to join NO CURE and MORBID VISIONZ on this highly anticipated tour. With their infectious energy and explosive stage presence, PRIMITIVE RAGE is sure to ignite the crowd and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Their distinct sound, characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and impassioned vocals, sets them apart from the rest and guarantees an exhilarating live experience.

The tour will see these three bands conquering cities across the United States, delivering their hard-hitting and unapologetically heavy music to fans from coast to coast. It’s an opportunity for fans to witness the raw power and intensity of these bands up close and personal. From the opening chord to the final note, each performance promises to be a visceral experience that will resonate with fans long after the last song has been played.

For fans of hardcore, punk, and metal, this is a tour not to be missed. It is a chance to support these incredible bands and be part of an unforgettable live music experience. NO CURE, MORBID VISIONZ, and PRIMITIVE RAGE are ready to take the stage and give it their all, and fans can expect nothing less than an evening of pure adrenaline-fueled chaos.

If you’re ready for a night filled with aggression, intensity, and unrelenting energy, mark your calendars and secure your tickets. NO CURE, MORBID VISIONZ, and PRIMITIVE RAGE are coming to town, and they’re ready to blow the roof off every venue they enter. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of sound that will leave you begging for more.

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