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YEAR OF THE KNIFE Premieres Two New Songs Featuring Full of Hell and Sanguisugabogg Vocalists

Year of the Knife, the Delaware hardcore band, is back with two explosive new songs featuring the frontmen of Full of Hell and Sanguisugabogg. The tracks, titled “Premonitions of You” and “Pulling Myself Out,” showcase the band’s signature aggressive sound while adding an extra dose of brutality with guest appearances from Dylan Walker and Devin Swank.

“Premonitions of You” kicks off with a relentless assault of pummeling drums and searing guitar riffs, instantly grabbing the listener’s attention. Vocalist Tyler Mullen’s raw growls cut through the furious instrumentals, delivering a powerful message about the demons within. Dylan Walker, known for his work in Full of Hell, joins Mullen, creating a formidable duo that elevates the intensity of the track to unparalleled levels.

The second track, “Pulling Myself Out,” wastes no time in launching into a barrage of bone-crushing breakdowns and merciless aggression. Mullen’s fierce vocals intertwine with the crushing guitar work of Brandon Watkins and Ryan McKinney, creating a wall of sound that is both punishing and cathartic. This time, it is Devin Swank, the frontman of Sanguisugabogg, who lends his guttural growls to the mix, adding an extra layer of brutality to an already brutal track.

Year of the Knife has always been known for their unapologetic and unrelenting sound, and with these two new songs, they have managed to push their boundaries even further. By collaborating with Walker and Swank, the band has succeeded in creating a sonic onslaught that fans of hardcore and extreme metal won’t soon forget.

In a time when live shows are on hold due to the ongoing pandemic, Year of the Knife reminds us that the spirit of hardcore can still thrive through recorded music. These two tracks are a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft and their ability to capture their explosive energy in the studio.

Year of the Knife’s collaboration with the frontmen of Full of Hell and Sanguisugabogg highlights the interconnectedness of the heavy music community. It’s a reminder that even in times of isolation, artists can still come together to create something special.

As these two tracks continue to wreak havoc in the hardcore scene, fans eagerly anticipate what Year of the Knife has in store for their future releases. With their distinctive blend of aggression and melody, combined with the addition of guest vocalists, the band is poised to make an even deeper impact on the genre.

“Premonitions of You” and “Pulling Myself Out” showcase Year of the Knife’s evolution and their ability to push boundaries while staying true to their hardcore roots. These tracks serve as a reminder of the band’s dedication to their craft and signal an exciting future for the Delaware outfit.

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